“Mur”: Joan Ganyet’s New exhibition at Art³ Gallery

“Mur”: Joan Ganyet’s New exhibition at Art³ Gallery

From an advice of Leonardo da Vinci in the “Painting Treaty” to his readers of searching the artistic compositions in the cracks of the old walls, Joan Ganyet obtains photographies from the close look of the walls of the historic Mediterranean cities (Venice, Rome, Dubrovnik, Palermo, Athens…), that are the skin and keep la fascinating collective memory.

His photographic production can be defined as abstract expressionism, in line with painters as Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still and Willem de Kooning, between the first and second third of the 20th century.

Two great french writers have influenced him in the art conception: Proust and Baudelaire. Baudelarie wrote: “the shape of the city changes more than the heart of a mortal”, while Proust stated that “often we don’t need new landscapes, but new eyes”.

“MUR”  wants to be a new way of watching and interpreting the city, its appeal and complexity.

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