“Un mar de pedres”, Maïs’ sculptures exhibition

The past 30th of june at 7pm, ART3 gallery opened the exhibition of the Barcelona sculpture artist Maïs. The artist was in the opening and the attendants enjoyed a small courtesy cocktail.

Maïs is an avowed sculpture artist that works the techniques of this discipline since the 80s. In her creations, she uses materials like iron, stone and other minimalistic structures. She has presented exhibitions around the world, in countries like Ireland, Brazil, France, Andorra, New York, Barcelona, Tarragona… in all this places they have enjoyed her works.

Her vision is compromised with overwhelming and also everyday topics as the one treated in this exhibition: immigration.

This is an impressive exhibition that will leave nobody apathetic, where we will see clearly why our sea is made of stones. The assistance is open to everyone, please be welcome.

Images of the exhibition opening

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