Welcome to ART³

A new art gallery is born: ART3, in the centre of Puigcerdà. The opening took place on March 28, 2018, with a collective exhibition by Susana Bascones, Elena Busquets, Matilde Fabregat and Rosa Figuls; four artists from Barcelona who displayed such diverse works: portrait paintings, landscapes, ‘costumbrista’ painting (sketches of customs) from other countries, as well as sculptures and other artistic objects.

This first collective exhibition serves as a preamble and starting point for a wide range of artists to show their works in this space, by monthly or bimonthly exhibitions.

Its creators, Jordi Gavaldà and Edgar Busquets (as General Manager and Artistic Director respectively) are now facing a challenge they have been shaping for quite a long time. The aim is to boost the world of the arts in our region, as well as to give the public the chance to discover some artists who are well established and some who aren’t, giving chances to emerging, innovative and even transgressive (but not lacking of quality at all) artists, showing great respect towards art and its more diverse techniques and styles.

Another of our goals is to take part in different artistic and cultural events which take place in our region. We took a first step following these lines last March 1, when ART3 collaborated with the Cerdà Museum in the organization of the 2nd outdoors Painting and Drawing Contest for students ‘Puigcerdà, una vila d’història’, sponsoring both the first and third awards in this contest.

All in all, ART3 commits to developing a new initiative based on boosting and spreading the arts at all levels and for all publics.

Entrance is free, we are expecting you all to come. We will be pleased that you visit our space.

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